Former Diablo developers and current Path of Exile: Blizzard developers are not the same, and Diablo 4 has problems

This autumn is one of the brightest days in the gaming industry thanks to the cool announcements and successful launches of great games. But the sudden confrontation between Path of Exile and Diablo 4 was particularly striking.

What kind of confrontation? It’s very simple: Blizzard barely managed to announce Diablo IV and show a great video dedicated to the main villain of the new game, as Grinding Gear Games organized its own festival and showed Path of Exile 2.

Once again, the fans of both games have got a huge controversy: one game has a strong narrative and support of a huge company, and the other has a variety of mechanics, updated content and listening to the fans developers, all focused on one game.

But Chris Wilson, the leading designer of Path of Exile, is not concerned about the announcement of the new part of Diablo. He believes that the competition will have a positive impact on both games, and the genre will be able to withstand the coexistence of the two hits.

Wilson thought Diablo 4 had one big problem. Blizzard will have to create a new world blindly, without focusing on the demands of the players. And no one will know where the developers were good or bad until the players are allowed to release. Okay, the gloom in the demo was twisted, and what’s next?

Path of Exile, is obviously the opposite: players know exactly what the game’s problems are and want certain improvements. Same Wilson notes that it’s good, but stops him from doing crazy experiments.

Besides, Chris evaluates the success of his brainchild very humbly: he thinks that even the first week of Diablo 3 sales brought as much money to Blizzard as Grinding Gear Games will ever earn. And marketing will take even more. And Wilson knows his players good, because the designer is sure that most of them will buy Diablo 4.

Developers of Path of Exile, although they are confident in their work, but raise their feet before the power of Blizzard and beforehand sentence the new game to success.

But former Diablo developers from Blizzard North, Max Schaefer, Eric Schaefer and David Brevik, who are also involved in the Path of Exile movement, speak about the current Blizzard more critically.

They believe that Blizzard has changed completely, losing all the old army responsible for the good old diablo. Although Didier and Edham are still in the heart of Blizzard, communication with them does not give false hopes to a trio of veterans – now the company’s staff has grown to several thousand people, dissolving and throwing away the 180 employees who once gave birth to the golden age.

They said, that the soulful developer has turned into a faceless corporation, which dances in front of auctioneers and the government. And the remaining geniuses find it increasingly difficult to work on the design, to show creativity, and more and more have to fight with the bureaucracy.

By the way, the same Brevik helps with the release of Path of Exile in China, and the brothers Schaefer actively work with Chinese investors and Torchlight series.

But the message reads gloomy: in Blizzard there is no freedom of creativity, and the management thinks the wallet – with such a description is not believed that Diablo 4 will become a really important and interesting game.

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