A professional Fortnite player, 17-year-old Jarvis was banned from playing for life. Previously, the shooter was the only way he made money, and the YouTube channel had about 2 million subscribers. But because of a one time incident on the stream, where he used a cheat with the aimbot, now forced to move home from a luxury mansion in Los Angeles to his mother, who recently made a statement in the media.

According to Daily Mail, the value of the FaZe clan house is about 13.5 million euros. The villa is located in Hollywood and has a swimming pool and a pole for dancing on the pylon. It was shown on the video of the team (where Jarvis played) in February 2018.

This villa is also home to other team members. Twitch star Turner “Tfue” Tenny, for example, lived there until he had a dispute with the clan and returned home. Tfue later sued the FaZe clan for not having benefited from life in Hollywood. He was constantly seduced by drinks and crazy tricks. However, later the player dropped the charges.

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