In this article we will consider the recent add-on of The Last Autumn for the game Frostpunk, as well as talk about new buildings, features, laws and how to get a better ending

Main buildings

In the first mission you will be asked to build a pier so that we can later earn resources, as well as organize a fishing pier and a blank camp. Although we have added many new buildings to the game, we have also removed some of the old ones.

So, we will have a blank camp at our disposal. It will allow us to send expeditions in the manner of the main game, but now we will be able to have only 1 expedition. It will be possible to solve their number a little later, when we build a couple more bases.

The expeditions will explore the Frozen Void and look for resources that can be extracted there. If you find a place rich in resources, then provide yourself with some resources for a while, for example, food. Our base is located on the coast and we will have 4 potential places where you can place a fishing wharf or a standard one. The latter can accommodate vessels carrying certain resources: coal, wood, steel.

When the ship delivers the resources to the wharf, they will begin to fold next to it, so we will need a collection point, and in the future we will be able to build reloading stations, which will simplify the process. In turn, the fishing wharves allow us to catch fish that we can process and use as food. When you are done with the initial arrangement of the port, the game will give a new task in which to create a generator.

Resource Extraction

As in the main game, we will need 4 main types of resources, namely: Coal. Steel. Steam cores. Wood.

And of course, we can’t do it without food. Other resources will be added later, but we’ll consider them as we come in. At the beginning of the game, we should gather the resources that will lie on the base next to the generator. You can create special collection points for their convenience, and when you don’t need them anymore, you can disassemble them.

Wood is extracted with the help of the marina and the sawmill. The pier will also help you to mine steel and coal. You can also create coal by converting wood using a charcoal kiln. To get provisions, you will have to equip expeditions to the wastelands and build outposts.

In addition, you can always catch fish using the fishing wharf if you have problems with food. Steam cores are only available in London, from which we will have to order them. You’ll need a telegraph to set up this process. Soon you’ll begin to produce logistics glasses.

You can spend them on workers and engineers, as well as some resources such as cores and prostheses.

Dissatisfaction and motivation

There are two key indicators in the game that will have to be monitored. It is about dissatisfaction and motivation. Dissatisfaction can be reduced by using laws and special buildings such as a pub, temple or pleasure house. Motivation, in turn, is divided into three parts that indicate its current level. The leftmost part means low motivation, the middle part means normal motivation, and the right part means high motivation. The higher the motivation, the more effective your charges are.

The Book of Laws

This mechanics has been changed quite a bit. We now have two sets of laws at once: “Working Conditions” and “Administration”.

The last one opens at once and you will have to adopt the following laws for the best end: Bath. Comfortable accommodation. Life support. Double rations for the sick. House of custody. Delivery of prostheses. Improved rations. Pub. House of pleasure. Fist battles. The house of prayer. Evening service. Repatriation of the deceased. Funeral at company expense. But let’s talk about the second book, “Working Conditions.” You’ll have access to it when you move on to the second part of the generator construction.

With the help of this book it is possible to regulate various labor aspects such as the duration of the work shift. At some point the workers and engineers will get into an argument, and you will have to choose a side of the conflict and support it. The chosen side will determine the further development of the book.

Generator construction

The main goal of the game is to build a generator, which takes place in 3 phases. To pass each of them you need to complete the construction of the next resource building. Metal profiles can be made in the metalworking plant. They will be needed not only as components for the construction of the generator, but also to build other buildings, such as protective structures to improve safety at work.

Also remember that you have the opportunity to accelerate the construction of the generator by 20% with the help of 5 steam generators and the relevant law. You can make steel alloy in the foundry, from which the final parts of the generator are made. Ventilation units should be built so that the workers do not get poisoned by gas from the ground. When you have finished building the core, the gas will no longer pose a danger to you.

Often 3 ventilation units are enough to avoid gas problems. When building a part of a generator, you should make a certain object in the appropriate building and place it on a pit. After that, the workers will take care of the construction. The speed of construction depends on their number and motivation. When all three construction stages are completed, we will have to build a protective cover. It consists of 2 parts.

When you are finished with it, you will have a choice: to leave or stay and improve the generator. If you choose the latter, we will have to complete 3 more studies, for which we need new resources.

Employees and engineers

The most important choice is to support a particular class. If you take the side of the workers, you will get a branch of laws that in the future will start to infringe on engineers and may even lead to terror. As a result, one of the rebels will be hanged every day to discourage them from revolting. You can also support the engineers, in which case you will have access to a new class – a prisoner. Their advantage is that you can send them by telegraph in more numbers than the workers.

The downside, however, is that you have to watch over the prisoners. There will also be repression along the way.

How do you open a better ending?

When you get to the end of the game, you will learn about your successes and failures. The ideal ending is the one where nobody died, you didn’t repress anyone and all the negotiations with your residents ended successfully.

So in no case you can not move on the branches of workers or engineers too much, because they are guaranteed to lead to the oppression of one of the classes. To keep everyone in line with your rights, move to the bottom of the new branch, because it gives advantages, but does not negatively affect the classes. Alternatively, you can take a branch of engineers, but give workers time off to go looking for the head of strikes.

After that, we punish the observer who killed their head. It will be the only death in our passage, but it will not be counted in the summation.

General tips

Cold here will not be a big threat, except for the final part of the passage, so you can quietly build buildings in the place you like. The yellow scale above some buildings shows their effectiveness. If you have all the workers, the final efficiency is 100%. In addition, you can get 27% efficiency if you have the maximum motivation.

The game can be played with 1 kitchen. You can replenish human resources by making a request by telegram or by finding them in the wastelands. By clicking on the air handling unit, you will be able to find out the level of contamination of adjacent buildings.

It is very important to install double shifts and also to pass a law that will allow to spend less workers and engineers. It is better not to use the wharf for the extraction of wood, as a sawmill does it perfectly. It is better to set up your port to get more useful resources.

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