Especially for fans of “building and digging, collecting and crafting”, who prefer unusual two-dimensional worlds, instead of traditional 3D, we chose the top games similar to Terraria – a cult sandbox with pixel graphics, procedural generation, extensive Craft system and many other charms.


Games similar to Terraria.

The best game to date, similar to “Terraria”, which is not surprising, because both projects were created by the same developers.

Instead of one planet in Starbound, players will find a whole universe, randomly generated and populated by countless unique civilizations, both highly developed and mastered the technology of space travel, and extremely primitive, in its development has not crossed the Stone Age line.

With each of these civilizations, the player will be able to get acquainted during the game in Starbound, where he also expects much other interesting content and many more opportunities than in the original Terraria.


Games similar to Terraria.

Continues our list of games similar to “Terraria” on PC, one of the most beautiful games in the 2D sandbox genre – Craft The World. In addition to the ability to manually change the world, build and craft, there are elements of strategy, reminiscent of the dungeon simulator Dungeon Keeper.

In Craft The World players will find a mountain of valuable loot and a sea of recipes for Kraft, several game modes and, as mentioned above, an incredibly beautiful, randomly generated world, where you can build a real castle with traps and secrets to store the collected treasures.


Games similar to Terraria.

A sandbox game of Terraria type with two-dimensional view and pixel graphics. In Junk Jack, players can explore a huge open world (or rather worlds, as there are 12 different planets available to visit), changing absolutely everything by terraforming and building.

Of course, everything here is generated randomly: the biomes that make up the planets that inhabit them, including enemies, peaceful NPS and animals available for domestication (there is a system of companions), and much more.

In Junk Jack player has an incredible amount of handicrafts available, there is an opportunity to pump your hero, perform quests, collect, rob, fish and do many other fascinating things.


Games similar to Terraria.

A pixel sandbox with RPG elements, one of the best games that looks like Terraria. Like Terraria, it’s set in a huge fantasy world of magic and various unusual creatures, including nightmare creatures from the dungeons and huge epic bosses.

A player in Realms of Magic can engage in construction and Kraft (more than a hundred recipes), go treasure hunting in the already mentioned dungeons full of dangers, or perform any of the quests available here. Do not forget about the extensive system of magic, consisting of many powerful spells.


Games similar to Terraria.

Two-dimensional sandbox, similar to Terraria, in which to play for a representative of intergalactic construction company, crashed on an unknown planet with extremely aggressive life forms and many other dangers. And most of them are waiting for players at night (there is a dynamic change of time of day).

To save himself, the hero will have to build a new spacecraft, and for this you must first find and collect the necessary resources. Of course, this can be done only after a thorough study of the surface and subsoil of the planet.

In general, the process of staying on an inhospitable planet in Dig or Die can take an indecent long time, so it is very reasonable to take care of a safe haven, good equipment, food and weapons. In addition, an important element in the gameplay is Tower Defense, represented by the need to protect their refuge from regularly crawling alien monsters on all sides.


Games similar to Terraria.

A game like “Terraria” with incredibly beautiful pixel graphics and animation, in many respects even surpassing its inspirer in this respect.

Like Terraria, in Planet Centauri the player has to explore the world, gather resources and improve his shelter, gradually turning it into a huge settlement with many NPS. At the same time, there are several essential differences: the ability to create your own spells, the system of petas, the ability to craft different vehicles, the system of transformation into different creatures (flying dragon, giant underground worm, etc.).

In Planet Centauri there is an incredibly vast and diverse system of customization of characters, petas, equipment and even monsters for this genre, allowing you to change not only the appearance but also the characteristics. There are also many handicraft professions and recipes for them. There is support for multiplayer.


Games similar to Terraria.

Role-playing sandbox, gameplay (exploring and changing the world) and visual style (pixel 2D graphics) that make it look like Terraria. In Crea, the player can create his or her own character and develop it in parallel with exploring the world, mastering new skills and improving numerous talents (over eighty features in total).

And the system of pumping is implemented in a very interesting way: almost any action the hero brings him something new and useful, such as improving the performance or allows you to learn a particular skill, recipe or magic spell.

In Crea, players will find a lot of loot and original opponents (including hardcore bosses), for each of which will have to choose their tactics.


Games similar to Terraria.

Beautiful two-dimensional game in the genre of strategy and RPG, the gameplay which combines the principles of antimony and tower defense. It allows the player to try on the royal crown, which gives the right to build and develop their own kingdom, as well as protect it and all its inhabitants from constant raids of various monsters.

Of course, in the gameplay Kingdom: New Lands does not exactly match what was in the “Terrarium”, but there are definitely some similarities (the study of own possessions and the gradual improvement and protection of a settlement inhabited by various NPS). Besides, this similarity is amplified by pixel graphics and fairytale atmosphere, which are equally attractive in both projects.


Games similar to Terraria.

Very bright and madly fascinating game-sandbox on a culinary theme, the gameplay which contains many elements from other genres: strategy, defense towers, puzzle, platformer, etc..

The protagonist is a representative of an intergalactic food company, which searches for new planets with unusual “edible” resources, builds them up by factories to extract and process these very resources, combines the found ingredients in various dishes (more than a hundred recipes in total), and then sends the finished products throughout the universe.

Of course, on every new planet there are various obstacles and dangers in the form of aggressive flora and fauna. And here comes to the aid of the opportunity to build to protect their factories all sorts of tools, traps, reinforced walls and other defenses.


Games similar to Terraria.

Quite a simple two-dimensional sandbox with a very primitive pixel graphics, the action of which unfolds on a desert island, where the protagonist, along with several NPS gets after a shipwreck.

The main task in Aground is to build and gradually improve the settlement for the survivors. For this purpose, it provides an impressive amount of recipes for Kraft and construction, the ability to collect resources, dig mining tunnels and fight against enemies. In general, it’s the same as the Terraria

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