Get your hands on the latest Garo mounts, gear, titles, and more as the event is underway.

For the first time since the Endwalker expansion’s release, adventurers now have the chance to acquire fashionable weapons and gear from the famous Japanese TV series Garo. The original Garo event first came to FFXIV in 2019, during the release of patch 5.1. Now, the collaboration has returned with patch 6.1. The rerun of the Garo collaboration is updated for Endwalker and Shadowbringers jobs and features all previous rewards. 

The gear allows players to cosplay as their favorite characters from the first series in the tokusatsu horror franchise; this includes the eponymous Garo, his fellow Makai Knights (Zero, Kiba, Dan, and Barago), and the Golden Wolf himself. There are also outfits inspired by the TV series’ Makai Priests for players specializing in healing and ranged jobs. If you don’t want to miss out on the chance to snag these exclusive FFXIV mounts and armor sets, now’s your time to get them through the game’s PvP system. Remember that you won’t need FFXIV Gil to get them; you’ll be using another currency entirely called Wolf Marks.

Obtaining Garo Gear

It would help if you made your way to the Wolves’ Den Pier to start the event. If you’ve yet to unlock this area, you’ll need to finish Disciple of Magic or War at level 30 and obtain a quest from the Grand Company called “A Pup No Longer,” which will reward you XP and FF14 Gil. You then can take a ferry at Moraby Docks in Lower La Noscea to start earning Wolf Marks. FFXIV’s new PvP modes, Crystalline Conflict, Rival Wings, and Frontline, will reward you with the new currency that’s necessary to purchase the rewards from the Garo event.

Once you’ve reached Wolves’ Den Pier and attune to the local Aetheryte, you’ll want to find the Disreputable Priest because she’ll have all the Garo titles and gear. The Gunbreaker, Reaper, Dancer, and Sage jobs have been added to Final Fantasy XIV since the first Garo collaboration in 2019. This time, you can now purchase a brand new set of event-exclusive armor for both the Reaper and Gunbreaker.

On the other hand, the Dancer will get the Ranged Physical DPS gear, while the Sage uses the Healer set. The inclusivity of these four jobs is a nice touch; however, you can’t get any event weapon for them.

How to Get the Garo Crossover Mounts

The Garo mounts are nothing short of god-like, and you can earn all of them by finishing specific achievements. First, you’ll need to obtain an event title by talking to the Disreputable Priest while equipped with a complete set of Garo gear. After that, you’ll be doing three things:

Furious FatalitiesRaigo Pipe Mount (Black Horse)Win a combination of 60 Rival Wings/Frontline campaigns while using a title received from the Disreputable Priest.
Fame FataleGoten Pipe Mount (Golden Horse)Win 30 Crystalline Conflict of Feast matches while using a title received from the Disreputable Priest.
Frontline FuryGinga Pipe Mount (White Horse)Win 10 Rival Wings or Frontline campaigns while using a title received from the Disreputable Priest.

Each mount rewarded is the result of the achievement. Once you unlock them, you can claim the mounts directly from the achievement log window.

Armor and Weapon Sets Available in the Garo Collab Event

To look at what’s available, head over to the Disreputable Priest, who has all the weapons and armor split across three menus.

The complete list of sets and weapons is as follows:


  • MNK Weapon: Makai Fists
  • NIN Weapon: Silver Wolves
  • BRD Weapon: Makai Bow
  • PLD Weapon: The Fanged Wolf + Heroic Spirit Shield
  • WAR Weapon: Darkness
  • DRK Weapon: Hell Light
  • DRG Weapon: The White Night
  • SCH Weapon: Makai Chronicle
  • AST Weapon: Mado Sphere
  • MCH Weapon: Makai Hand Mortar
  • BLM Weapon: Mado Brush
  • WHM Weapon: Mado Staff
  • SMN Weapon: Mado Chronicle

Armor Sets

  • White Night Set: Dragoon
  • Makai Mauler/Makai Manhandler Sets: Monk, Samurai
  • Silver Wolf Set: Ninja
  • Makai Sun Guide/Maki Moon Guide Sets: White Mage, Scholar, Astrologian, Sage
  • Makai Vanguard/Makai Vanbreaker Sets: Gunbreaker
  • Makai Harbinger/Makai Harrower Sets: Reaper
  • Golden Wolf Set: Paladin
  • Undying Twilight Set: Warrior
  • Makai Marksman/Makai Markswoman Sets: Bard, Machinist, Dancer
  • Makai Priest/Makai Priestess Sets: Black Mage, Summoner, Red Mage, Blue Mage
  • Pressing Darkness Set: Dark Knight

You might’ve noticed that some sets for the post-Shadowbringers jobs are renamed versions of already existing headsets with new headgear. For example, the Makai Vanguard/Makai Vanbreaker is just the Makai Markswoman/Makai Marksman set. Likewise, the Makai Harrower/Makai Harbinger is the Makai Manhandler/Makai Mauler set. The rest had new jobs added to their listing, so if you’ve already grinded for the Garo sets before (2019), you might not need to do so this time.

Garo Titles and Achievements Available

To grab these titles and achievements yourself, you must obtain a complete five-piece set of job armor and the corresponding weapon. The only jobs that are an exception to this rule are the Red Mage, Sage, Samurai, Reaper, Dancer, and Gunbreaker since they don’t have any Garo weapons – you’ll only need a five-piece set for them.

Talk to the Disreputable Priest once you have the set equipped. She’ll award you the achievement and title after she appraises your gear. Here are all the available titles and achievements you can get in the event:

GunbreakerMakai GunbreakerEchoes of the Makai Guardian
ReaperMakai ReaperEchoes of the Makai End
DancerMakai DancerEchoes of the Makai Flicker
SageMakai SageEchoes of the Makai Mind
SamuraiMakai SamuraiEchoes of the Makai Blade
Red MageMakai Red MageEchoes of the Makai Crimson
White MageMakai White MageEchoes of the Makai Sun
Black MageMakai Black MageEchoes of the Makai Dark
ScholarMakai ScholarEchoes of the Makai Lore
AstrologianMakai AstrologianEchoes of the Makai Star
MachinistMakai MachinistEchoes of the Makai Arm
MonkMakai MonkEchoes of the Makai Fist
BardMakai BardEchoes of the Makai Bow
SummonerMakai SummonerEchoes of the Makai Vessel
PaladinGaroEchoes of the Golden Wolf
Dark KnightKibaEchoes of Darkness
WarriorBaragoEchoes of the Undying Twilight
DragoonDanEchoes of the White Knight
NinjaZeroEchoes of the Silver Wolf

That’s about all you can get in the Garo collaboration event! If it stays even half as long this time compared to 2019, players will have plenty of time to earn some of the best-looking gear and FFXIV mounts.

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