The world of Genshin Impact is full of collectibles, which are used to create items, improve characters, cook food, and more. Apples are one of the most common food items that can be obtained through exploration. Here’s where to get apples in Genshin Impact and what you need them for.
Genshin Impact guide – where to find apples in the game
Most apple trees in the game can be found in Mondstadt near Whispering Woods, on the right side of town. Simply walk up to the trees in the above locations and press “Square” on the Playstation or F on the PC to get the apples. They may be out of reach, so you may have to jump or climb a tree to grab them.

The main use for apples in Genshin Impact is for cooking. There are many recipes that use them for different effects. Some foods restore HP and others increase your group’s chance of a critical hit.

You will need more than just apples for the recipes, but they are extremely useful if you can get everything else you need.

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