While exploring in Genshin Impact, you can collect a variety of plants. They can be used in cooking, to improve characters, etc. D. Peppermint is one of the most common plants that can be easily missed. And here’s where to find mint in Genshin Impact, and what it’s used for.
Genshin Impact guide – where to find mint and what it’s used for
Mint is a small plant with a green base and blue buds at the tip. It can be found mostly in Mondstadt, just off the road leading from the main town of the area.

You can miss the plants if you’re not paying attention, as they can blend into the ground, but just press Square on PlayStation or F on PC to pick them up when you spot them.

Mint is one of the plants you can use for cooking in Genshin Impact. It can be used in dishes that are great for combat. For example, Cold Cut Platter will increase your group’s damage for a certain amount of time, which is ideal for fighting strong enemies or world bosses.

However, the cooking effects only apply to your characters, so eating food will not benefit all group members when playing online together.

Also, Liben and his Miracle Goods quests are back in Genshin Impact, and mint is one of the items he is looking for. Find all the items Liben is looking for and you will receive a Box o’ Marvels reward, which includes Primogems and several character enhancement materials.

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