Zipper prisms are another material required to upgrade characters in Genshin Impact. And I will tell you where to look for it.

To get the lightning prism, you’ll have to defeat one of the world’s mini bosses. Go to the place marked on the screenshot and get ready for battle.

Where To Find Lightning Prisms In Genshin Impact class=
This is another boss in the form of a cube – electro hypostasis. You can inflict damage only when the core is opened. In other scenarios, it is invincible. As long as the cubes fly around the kernel, do not attack. But be ready to attack as soon as you see that the kernel is exposed. Use lightning protection potions, food that enhances the defense and attack to burn the enemy as soon as possible. The fire damage activates spontaneous effects and fits perfectly against this boss. At the end of the battle, he will start to heal himself. Stop this process!

The core will release three triangular artifacts that heal him. They need to be destroyed. You can damage the artifacts only with special attacks that use magic. Most likely, you can destroy only one artifact at a time. But when the boss is killed. Lei Lin will appear. Use resin (Resin?) to get a lightning prism. It falls out here with 100% probability!

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