Another resource you need to improve your characters in Genshin Impact. Take a look at our guide to improve your Dylaka.

The blazing seed or the seed of eternal flame falls out of the world boss, which you will find in the place marked in the screenshot below. This is near the Tianqiu Valley.

You need to kill the boss Pyro with an orchid. First, attack the weak spot on the lower part of the creature. As long as you do not destroy it. Then get close to the head and you can do real damage. Eventually, Pyro Orchid will recover, and the weak spot will disappear. Next to the creature’s “head” there is another weak spot.

If there is an archer or magician, try to attack the vulnerable point at the head so that the creature falls again. Finish it and you can get a flaming seed (for 40 pieces of Primary Resin). In most cases it will be one seed, less often two. Leave this place for the boss to be reborn. Go on with the pharmacy.

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