The seed of the hurricane is another important resource in Genshin Impact, which is needed to upgrade the characters. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to get it.

The seeds of the hurricane fall out of the elite bosses of Genshin Impact. Go to the place marked in the screenshot below:

Where To Find Hurricane Seeds In Genshin class=
Here you need to win the wind cube. The boss uses a lot of attacks, but damage can be done only when the diamond is open. While the dice are floating around it, do not even try to attack. When they are not, attack, dodge and repeat the action. There is a little trick. It will heal if you ignore the windmills and don’t collect them. Use air currents and gather the spheres before he touches the boss. Keep destroying the core. You will need 40 resins to get the hurricane seed out of the chest. But it falls out with 100% probability. And sometimes you can even get two seeds.

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