The long-awaited Nioh remasters are about to be released, and Team Ninja fans cannot wait to get their hands on a copy of Nioh and Nioh 2. Sony maintains the rights of the original, but Nioh 2 will also be available to gamers who enjoy playing their favourite titles via PC. The memories of playing Nioh 2 are pretty fresh as the game is relatively new, but those who fell in love with the Nioh series are looking forward to playing the remastered version of the original. Apart from their amazing graphics, the two titles will offer some new features to their players, but overall, the games are more or less the same as their PS4 equivalents. This means that players will have the opportunity to replay every level of difficulty and to level up their hero by repeating specific key missions. 

A Remaster That Is Not Far from the Original

The two Nioh remastered versions will come with all their DLCs. This means that you will have an abundance of weapons and armour to choose from for your character. Just like with the PS4 versions, certain combinations of equipment types will give you additional buffs, making it a little bit easier to play this extremely hard game. If you are one of the players believing that getting the Dragon Ninja boost is more than enough for an enjoyable journey through Japan, then get ready to die over and over again. Preparing your character for every mission and levelling up your stats will once again be necessary if you want to finish every level of difficulty. If you have never played these two games, but you are a fan of games such as Dark Souls or Ghost of Tsushima, then you will definitely enjoy Nioh and Nioh 2. 

Nioh is not a game for everyone. You cannot just have fun like when you play online games such as Your character will die hundreds of times, not only when you fight challenging bosses, but also when you encounter common enemies. The game will frustrate you, but every death will help you get a little bit better. The Marobashi mission in the Tokai region is the key to your character’s development, and you will need to play it multiple times. The masters will drop tons of Amrita and dozens of weapons and armour pieces. The harder the “Way” you decide to take, the bigger your rewards will be. The Marobashi mission is tough, but if played right, you can finish it quickly. There is no other mission that can give you so much Amrita in such a short period of time. 

Get Your Samurai Gear Ready for Nioh’s PS5 Remasters

The Nioh games are not among the ones promoted by numerous websites such as the “must-have” games for PS5, but they are worth every penny. They will keep you busy for dozens of hours not only during the main game but also during every level of New Game+. Collectively, you should expect to get more than 150 hours of gameplay. Getting your character to level 750 is an endless and challenging process, but the satisfaction of achieving it is worth every minute you invest in these games. 

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