After a few years of Ghost of Tsushima’s expectations, the game from InFamous series developers is finally released on PlayStation 4. Now anyone can take the role of Japanese samurai, who must fulfill his mission. In this article you will find out what the name of the horse influences.

Ghost of Tsushima – does the name of the horse matter?

When you get to the stables, Yuna will ask you to choose one of the three horses to continue your confrontation with the Mongols. You will be offered three horses to choose from: Black, White and Blur.

It does not make any difference which horse you choose, except the appearance. So, think about your decision several times, as you will not be able to choose it again.

Once you choose a horse, you will have to choose a name for it: Nobu (Faith), Sora (Heaven) and Cage (Shadow). Again, it doesn’t make any difference what name you choose, but still think twice about your decision.

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