After a few years of Ghost of Tsushima’s expectations, the game from InFamous series developers is finally released on PlayStation 4. Now anyone can take the role of Japanese samurai, who must fulfill his mission. In this guide you will find out whether you want to kill or spare Lord Shimura.

The guide and the passage of the Ghost of Tsushima is to kill or spare Lord Shimur…

In order not to waste your time, we will try to answer as briefly as possible: your choice should depend solely on your feelings for the character, as the reward you receive depending on the selected action will not change much.

You can not call this choice something difficult: after your duel Lord Shimura will ask you to kill him, thereby obtaining a dignified death for the samurai.

The reward you will receive for any choice is armour dye. If you kill Shimura, you will get a white dye, a mask and a headband, and if you have mercy – red.

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