Obsidian’s Entertainmen just launched Gounded. As you would expect from a survival game, you need to collect various resources and materials that make up most of the gameplay. In this guide you will learn how to get Berry Leather.

Grounded – how to get Berry Leather

As you might have guessed from the name for Berry Leather, you will need berries.

First go to the bottom right corner of the map, to the southeast, where there is a huge bush with berries. You will have to climb it to get the berries themselves, but you can also use an onion or an axe.

Once they fall to the ground, hit them with an axe to make pieces of berries. As soon as you collect them, run away, because there are huge spiders in this part of the map.

After that, make a workbench. Use three pieces of berries on it and Berry Leather will be ready.

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