Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, told TheWrap why the GTA series hasn’t received its own screenings.

Part of the reason is that if we did something like this, we would like to have full creative control to make sure we show GTA the way we want it to be – it means we have to fund the movie.

Strauss explained that the financing of screenings is not a problem: the company is concerned that it does not have the necessary experience, and only a few people from Take-Two worked in the film business.

We have the most valuable intellectual property ever created by humanity, Grand Theft Auto, which we fully own and control. And we really need to give it up and hope that somebody – no matter how talented this person is – will do it really well?

TheWrap reminded Strauss of George R.R. Martin – the writer allowed to turn the book cycle “Song of Ice and Flame” into a successful series “Game of Thrones”. Zelnik replied: “George Martin’s books are not worth what Grand Theft Auto is worth. I’m sorry.

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