If you got to Kwolok, then you probably faced some problems, because this boss is one of the most difficult in the whole game. In this guide, you will learn how to defeat Kwolok.

The guide and the passage of Ori and the Will of the Wisps is how to defeat Kwolok’s boss.

We didn’t just say that Kwolok was one of the most complicated bosses in the game. After all, somewhere in the middle of the battle you will have nowhere to stand, and the regeneration ability will become meaningless.

In the first phase you will find yourself in the arena with two walls that you can climb, and that will give you an advantage during the battle.

The puzzle will try to throw you off the walls and the ground with its obsessed hands.

Moreover, the Kwolok will fire shots from his mouth, but these attacks are easy to predict. When he attacks you this way, send the projectile back to him.

While the Kwolok is idle, we recommend that you spam one attack to deal as much damage as possible in the shortest possible time. Moreover, don’t forget to heal, as it will be a shame if you die in the last phase.

Quilts also sometimes attack with a ground attack, during which we recommend climbing the wall and attacking it back. It doesn’t make much difference which attack you will use.

Phase two.
When Kwolok’s health reaches half, the difficulty will increase significantly. Now the arena will be filled with water, and the boss’s attacks will mainly consist of missiles and conventional shells.

There is also an attack that causes a rockfall, during which, as you might guess, rocks will fall from the ceiling. During this attack, we recommend that you climb the wall to avoid getting hurt.

Moreover, Quilts can use their tentacles to grab you and try to eat you. During this attack, you must try to jump on the tentacle itself to avoid damage.

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