The BioShock series has been silent for the past five years, and 2K Games has released an updated version of the entire BioShock: The Collection franchise in 2016, but a new chapter of the retro-futuristic games series may soon be announced. And we’ll talk about it in more detail through our BioShock 4 guide, where we’ll cover topics such as: release date, location, characters, gameplay and what’s new.

BioShock 4 Guide Overview – Release date, location, characters, gameplay and what’s new

And they will help us in this leakage of information about BioShock 4, published at the closed forum 4chan on September 3. User Zhykionn wrote that an anonymous source in the 2K software development team revealed the date of the game announcement and the approximate sketches of the plot, location, and gameplay.

Estimated leaks are backed up by Kotaku’s April 2018 reports, which state that the former Hanger 13 team has joined another team to work on a new part of the BioShock series code-named “Parkside”. And while 2K Games hasn’t announced anything yet, the evidence is gathering.

The company’s latest game, BioShock Infinite, has been a hit with more than 11 million copies sold in the two years since its release, and has received many awards and rave reviews. But what we have read about BioShock 4 is that the new project will be completely different from Infinite and will be much closer to the first two parts.

BioShock 4 release date

2K Games has not even confirmed that it is working on BioShock 4 yet, but Zhykionn claims that the company has a “strong desire” to announce the project “between December 2019 and March 2020”. Leakages also indicate that production started more than three years ago and that the game is in a “mature and mature state”.

Ken Levin, founder of Irrational Games, a former series developer, told VG247 in 2010 that he had been working on Infinite without publicity for two and a half years before the announcement at the beginning of the year. The full development cycle took five years, and the game was released in early 2013.

Guide Overview BioShock 4 - Release date, location, characters, gameplay and what's new

The studio abandoned the BioShock franchise after the release, leaving it in the hands of the publisher. If you follow the same Irrational development process, the release in 2021 or 2022 is possible. But don’t forget that video game dates are constantly shifting.

What generation will BioShock 4 be released on?
Zhykionn further says that 2K plans to launch BioShock 4 on both current generation consoles and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett. Next-generation consoles are not expected for sale until the end of 2020.

Therefore, it is possible that the publisher will first introduce BioShock 4 in the PS4 and Xbox One versions earlier, and later – for the nextile. There is no mention of a PC in the drain, but considering that every game in the series was available on Windows, the fourth part is unlikely to be left out.

BioShock 4 runtime
BioShock Infinite did not immediately become a part of the story lines of the first two parts, but corrected with the release of two episodes of Burial at Sea expansion. However, BioShock 4 is expected to continue its story from the exact spot where BioShock 1 and 2 ended, as well as the game nod from Infinite. Zhykionn claims that the game’s events will take place in 1971, about ten years after the original game.

BioShock 4 location
It’s supposed to be London, not a fictional utopian underwater city. But this does not mean that the horrors that caused us psychological trauma in Vosorg will not follow us to the surface.

Guide Overview BioShock 4 - Release date, location, characters, gameplay and what's new

ADAM, the same tonic genetonics and plasmids that led to the death of the underwater world, are also wreaking havoc in the English capital. Zhykionn describes it as an interweaving of the golden age with new technologies, which faces an “endless crisis”.

Players will no longer be confined to the dark and humid halls of Delight and will be able to explore London as an open world. The leak suggests that we will have much more freedom to move, study and leave our mark in this digital universe.

“The maps will be larger and richer than in previous games. The developers place particular emphasis on environmental destruction and the development of ideas about the effects of plasmid effects on enemies, locations and riddles,” wrote Zhykionn.

The main character of BioShock 4
The protagonist will be an American orphan named Lucas, who has survived for years as a thief calling London his home. At some point, after a series of unfortunate events for him, Lucas is accused of involvement in the fall of an analogue of Vaughn.

Guide Overview BioShock 4 - Release date, location, characters, gameplay and what's new

It’ll serve as a catalyst for our south-facing adventure. It’s not clear who his opponents are and what the main purpose of the game is, but there may be some familiar faces to help Lucas on the road.

BioShock 4 characters
Zhykionn announced that Eleanor Lamb, Dr. Bridget Tenenbaum and the Lutesa twins will return to BioShock 4 as key characters. The leaks have not indicated how they will fit into the story, but franchise fans will obviously have the opportunity to talk to popular characters from the past.

BioShock 4 gameplay
Finally, the plums say that the game will use both the elements of the open world and linear levels to give players the freedom, as equally and to tell the story of BioShock 4 to the end.

Guide Overview BioShock 4 - Release date, location, characters, gameplay and what's new

The first two parts used a lot of corridor, almost claustrophobic maps inside Vostorg, while Infinite provided a more dynamic fight in airborne Colombia.

BioShock 4 is likely to become the middle link between these two directions, while at the same time succumbing to the trend of an open world that is becoming more and more popular every year.

In addition, given that ADAM and plasmids continue to form the bulk of the show, it is likely that we will be able to inject magical fluids into Lucas to give him superhuman powers.

Guide Overview BioShock 4 - Release date, location, characters, gameplay and what's new

Some of the previous iconic ones will allow you to shoot fire, electricity and flocks of crows from your fingertips. And you can be sure – Bioshock 4 will bring even more varieties of plasmids.

If these leaks are true, the release of BioShock 4 is expected to take place between December 2019 and March 2020.

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