WarCraft 3 Reforged is coming out tonight, which means that fans from all over the world can remember where they started their acquaintance with Blizzard games. If you suddenly missed WarCraft 3 in your time and want to catch up, this guide will tell you how to play for the Alliance.

Guide, strategy and tactics of Warcraft 3 Reforged – how to win for the race of people (Alliance).

Below is the most common and effective army building scheme from WarCraft 3. It is likely that this tactic will not change in the remake.

Standard army building
Basically this scheme is used to create your own tactics. It is effective in that you will have a good defense and attack power. In order to build an army like this, send five workers to mine gold and eight to mine wood. Then send four to mine gold and one to build the Altar of Kings.

Then build a barracks at the back of the town hall. Then order one worker to build a farm, and another to mine gold. When the Town Hall is finished, send the same worker to build the farm. Send the worker who was building the Altar to explore the enemy territory. Then the rest of the workers who were busy building should go to mine the tree. Then send two workers to the barracks and make them infantrymen, and send another one to be trained as a Knight.

So you should have two Marines, eight Workers and one Knight.

When there’s enough wood, build one tower using two workers. Now place your army with a Knight at the back and main troops and two Marines at the front. Now upgrade your tower to a magical one.

Raise the level of your infantrymen and order the workers to build another farm, and then send them into the forest. Get the third level from the Knight and buy him speed boots for 1900 gold. Keep improving your infantry in the barracks. Keep five workers in control, mining gold and eight, wood.

When you have enough resources, build the Magic Shop and continue to do so every time you have a chance. Also, continue to build farms whenever you can. By doing this, you will reach level two. Now you will be much stronger. Build two Temples of Truth. Now you’ll have two healers and two wizards.

You’ll also get a second character of your choice. After that you can continue to develop and attack your enemies as you wish.

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