In this guide we will tell you the most effective strategy for playing WarCraft 3 Reforged for the Dark Elves faction, which you will surely win.

Guide, strategy and tactics in WarCraft 3 Reforged – how to win for the race of Night Elves.

This tactic of building an army is designed in a way that will be effective against all other races in the game.

Start by sending four Fireflies to mine gold and one to build an altar. After that send him to build the Moon Well. Then send one Firefly to mine a tree, and another to build the Tree of War and make sure that the gold mining has five Fireflies.

Once you’ve finished building the Altar, start training your hero Demon Hunter. When you have enough wood, send one Firefly to build another Moon Well. At the same time continue to summon new Fireflies and send them to get wood. After building the Tree of War is finished, start calling the Archers. Your goal is to collect five Archers and a Demon Hunter.

When you have 26/30 food, you’ll get a second level, and when your food level reaches 28/30, build a third Moon Well. Just in time for your fifth Archer to emerge.

When the Life Tree upgrade to the second level is about half done, build a Hunting Hall and another Moonwell.

When the full upgrade is complete, summon the Keeper of the Grove and two Trees of Wisdom.

Now you can attack your opponents and don’t have to worry about losing.

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