In this guide we will tell you all the most important details of the Undead faction in WarCraft 3 Reforged, such as its pros and cons, best characters and just gameplay tips. The Undead army consists of thousands of walking corpses, unsightly spirits and insidious creatures. And to fight their enemies of war Undead use the natural magic of cold.

Guide, strategy and tactics Warcraft 3 Reforged – how to win with the Undead race

The undead extract resources with the help of two units: the novices dig gold and the ghourdalaki dig wood. It is worth noting that in order to extract gold, novices first have to enchant a gold mine, and only then five ghourdalaks can extract the resource. But there is a plus in this – they do not have to take gold to the Necropolis, unlike the Ghourdalaks.

Most of the buildings in the Undead can only be erected on rotten ground, except for two buildings: the Necropolis and a gold mine. These two buildings are the source of rotting earth, and each new building will increase its radius.

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Building construction
The working factions of the Undead, novices, do not build buildings, but gradually erect them with a spell. So, they can go back to their work, but the building will continue to be built. Moreover, playing for the Undead, you can cancel the construction of the building and return a certain percentage of gold and resources spent on the process.

The Undead can have an excellent defense thanks to the Towers of Spirits and the Improved Towers of Nerube, which can be restored during battle.

Gravediggers have the unique ability to bury themselves in the ground, making them invisible and increasing the rate of recovery. What’s more, with this ability you can regenerate ghouls.

The undead can carry obsidian statues with him to restore his health and mana.

Damn mine
The cursed mine can be destroyed by your opponents early in the game.

Vulnerability to attack early in the game
The fact is that at first the units of the Undead army are weak to attack their enemies.

The best heroes of the Undead
All in all, the Undead have four characters and we have arranged them in order from best to worst: Knight of Death, King of the Dead, Lord of Graves and Lord of Horrors.

The Units of the Undead.
Below you can see a list of all the units of the Undead:

The Naughty One;
The Shadow;
The Ghoulouse;
The corpse wagon;
Obsidian statue;
Ice snake.
The buildings of the Undead
Below you can see a list of all the buildings in the Undead, their price and the time you will spend on their construction:

The Altar of Darkness – 180 gold, 50 trees, 60 seconds;
Dark Citadel – 870 gold, 440 trees, 140 seconds;
Bone Factory – 175 gold, 200 wood, 70 seconds;
A crypt – 200 gold, 50 wood, 60 seconds;
Cemetery – 215 gold, 80 seconds;
Dracks of the Dead – 545 gold, 210 wood, 140 seconds; Bone Plant – 175 gold, 200 gold, 50 wood, 140 seconds;
Damned mine – 225 gold, 210 wood, 100 seconds;
Necropolis – 225 gold, 90 seconds;
Tower of Nerube – 250 gold, 70 wood, 30 seconds; Damned mine – 225 gold, 210 wood, 100 seconds; Nerube tower – 250 gold, 70 wood, 30 seconds;
Slaughterhouse – 140 gold, 135 wood, 60 seconds;
Tower of Spirits – 295 gold, 90 wood, 35 seconds;
Temple of the Damned – 155 gold, 140 wood, 60 seconds;
Ancient burial – 130 gold, 30 wood, 60 seconds; Tower of Spirits – 130 gold, 90 wood, 60 seconds;
Ziggurat – 150 gold, 50 wood, 50 seconds.

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