In this tutorial, we will look at all the best weapons available to you in the Halo Reach MCC. Meet our guide through the cool guns at Halo Reach Best Weapons.

Halo Reach and Halo Reach on PC – the best weapon in the game

The list does not go in any order, he just lists all the best weapons in the game; I will proceed without further ceremony:


A powerful weapon that may not seem the best choice in the first place. It shoots one bullet at a time, which means that the shooting speed is not at the highest level.

However, the trigger is short enough for a competent player to fire a few shots, and along with the low rate of fire there is greater accuracy. Your shots are more likely to hit you, and if you take the time to shoot in the head, you are likely to get it and kill your enemies immediately.

Accuracy and high damage, what more do you want from your gun?

Needle Rifle

The needle rifle is one of the newest rifles presented in the Halo Reach.

Shooting 3 shots at enemies will cause them to explode.

Because of this, you do not need to shoot in the head, the needle rifle has enough power to kill enemies, even if you hit them in the body.

The only drawback, however, is the number of shots needed to rid your enemies of their shields; only 6 shots to do the job.

M90 CAWS Shotgun

This may seem like a strange choice, as it has a small range and even less accuracy. However, what makes this weapon so desirable is the fact that it is absolutely destructive at close range.

If you could complement yourself with disguise or sprinting abilities, with this weapon on your shoulder you would be a force to be reckoned with.

Getting close to your opponent can be a problem, but a shotgun will probably win a shootout close by between this and any other weapon.

M319 Grenade launcher

Another weapon that was introduced into Reach. Unfortunately, it cannot be recommended for the campaign, but it is an ideal choice for multiplayer matches. This weapon fires standard fragmentation grenades, but with some tricks.

If you shoot normally, the fragment bounces before the explosion, however, holding down the fire button you are essentially creating a mine; the fragment will not detonate until you release the trigger, and this can be very useful.

Tactical use of this weapon can make it the most useful in the game.

M41 rocket launcher

This greatly improved version has tracked missiles that are faster and more powerful in every respect.

The weapon doesn’t stop there, the shrapnel damage has been greatly increased, so you’re likely to kill more enemies for a shot than ever before!

There are problems, as you can only carry 4 missiles at a time, and the painstaking reload time can be quite troublesome, especially during combat. Even so, it is powerful enough.

Spartan Laser

The stunning power of the Spartan laser is balanced by its three-second charging time. Sitting on the trigger and keeping the crosshairs on your target is difficult when you’re tracking fast vehicles – but the Spartan Laser is the best weapon to resist a vehicle.

Many players hold the charge by constantly pulling the trigger.

It is best if you have a good hiding place or a large gap between you and your prey when using these weapons.

Energy Sword

One of Halo MCC’s signature weapons, if you ever find yourself in close combat and need to covertly kill an enemy, there is no more reliable weapon than a classic energy sword.

As already mentioned, it is best for covert killing and may not be the best weapon if your enemy knows about your presence. Its speed in killing enemies still makes it one of the best.

MW37 ICWS assault rifle

The recently introduced assault rifle is a weapon you will always need.

When properly handled, this weapon can be your best friend on the battlefield. Its shooting mode can be changed to choose a continuous shooting mode or an automatic mode that allows you to fire continuously.

In any case, you should be aware that the weapon is not the most powerful, but its true power is its high accuracy, which is extremely important on the battlefield.

Plasma launcher

Our last entry in the list is the Plasma Start Installation.

This weapon can be used to quickly fire 4 sticky plasma grenades; or click and hold the trigger and release it after all four grenade icons light up on the HUD weapon to hook some poor enemy or vehicle with all the payload at once. This Halo MCC weapon may be a little slow in use, but it definitely has a strong impact

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