Halo: Reach was the third largest release in Steam in 2019

Recently we have already told you that Halo: Reach was a great starter at Steam, and now it is clear that in the first 24 hours of the project it has shown the third result for 2019 in the service.

Now the top looks like this:

Destiny 2 – 292 314 people
Total War: Three Kingdoms – 191,816 people
Halo: Reach 161,024 people.

And all three games are played in completely different price categories.
It should also be noted that Halo: Reach for PC is included in the subscription to Xbox Game Pass, but it is not available in Steam, so the statistics above do not include players from Microsoft service.
By the way, as a result, “Reach” managed to surpass the results of Gears 5 by more than 16 times. But, of course, you shouldn’t compare them directly – they’re in completely different price categories, but it’s already obvious that the players on the PCs were much more waiting for the arrival of Halo.

I wonder if Halo: Reach will be able to increase its audience over the weekend – the first weekend usually shows even more impressive results.

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