In this guide, I will tell you about the Occult Cave in Harvest Town. It’s basically a mine where you can feed all day as long as you have the resources you need to continue – energy, health and items for battle.

How to open occult cave.

You can enter the cave as soon as you reach level 20 of your estate. The morning after you leave the house (after reaching level 20) you will see a cathedral scene, where Steve Lopez runs up to you and talks about repairing the bridge. Then you will see the opening of the entrance to the Taoist Temple and get a new weapon from Smith David Hanks.

Levels in an occult cave

Harvest Town - Occult Cave Guide

At the moment there are only 120 levels in the cave, but as far as I know there will be much more after the beta test. Every 10 levels you will find a merchant who will offer you useful goods.

What can you find and who will you meet
Ancient high-tech boxes: you can open them if you enter the correct 4-digit code. This code corresponds to the page you will find on the same floor. If you have not yet found the page, keep looking – as soon as you find it, open your bag and use the page.

Diary pages: described above.

Snake Statue: occurs at random. If you answer her questions correctly, you will receive an award. You will find the answers below.

Monsters: The further you go, the harder they get. The Dark Essence will fall out of the monsters, a currency for which you can buy various items from a merchant in a cave.

Harvest Town - Occult Cave Guide

Random wooden crates: these are quite ordinary wooden chests that can be broken by a pickaxe. They appear randomly, with random equipment/tools inside.

Skeleton corpses: Like wooden crates, they can be destroyed with a pickaxe. When you examine them you will find various awards such as coins, equipment or potions.

Cereals: Wild crops growing in an occult cave are a really great source of income. Yields can vary depending on the playing season and the gender of your character.

Bosses: There are several bosses in the cave that are slightly more complex than ordinary enemies (obviously), but more valuable items fall out of them. I suggest that you stock up on potions before each battle with them.

Answers to the statue of the snake

Harvest Town - Occult Cave Guide

Q: At what level of the cottage is it possible to cook food?
О: 3

Q: How many children are there in the city?
О: 4

Q: Which item is needed to destroy slime?
A: A bomb

Q: Which of the following will lower the Animal’s mood?
A: Close the animal inside.

Q: How many hearts does it take to marry an NPC?
A: 10 hearts.

Q: Who will do the weekly mountaineering?
A: Chris Trump.

Q: On what floor will the Cave Merchant not appear?
A: 103rd.

Q: How many types of antiquities can I donate?
О: 52

Q: Which plant will not dry out during the season change?
A: Red banana tree.

Q: How do you get the Love Flower in Legend?
A: Make friends

Q: Horse Farm working hours?
A: Weekday.

Q: Which fish will not show up in town?
A: Piranha / Dace

Q: What’s Ellie Cole’s favorite book?
A: Gone with the wind.

Q: How old is Foxy?
О: 18

Q: What’s not in the visiting window?
A: Guns

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