Hearthstone Battlegrounds full guide – new game mode

Battlefields – a new game mode in Hearthstone in the style of auto chess. This guide will help to master the Battlefields for both experienced Hearthstone users and those who will be joining the client for the first time.

You will find general information about the Battlefields, tips for starting the game, visual examples of gameplay and the basic rules of the new Hearthstone game mode.

General Information

  • The Battlefields were released on 12 November 2019
  • Buyers of the BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket or Pre-Order Descent of Dragons will be able to play on the Battlefields from November 5
  • Free game: you only need a Battlenet game account and a downloaded Hearthstone client
  • In one game of the Battlefields take part 8 players at a time. You can start the game with one friend, but you will not be allies.
  • Regular users of Hearthstone will get a small bonus from the start, but over time it will also be given to newcomers. Read more about this further
  • Enter the Battlefields through the Hearthstone Main Menu and the new Game Modes tab
  • You will receive gold for the game in the Battlefields. How much and how much is unknown yet

How to start play

Battlefields are similar to auto chess, but, unlike other games of the genre, significantly different from them by many elements of the gameplay. Someone thinks that in the Battlefields about 80% of the Hearthstone gameplay and 20% of the gameplay is auto chess. But the game mode is easy to learn for everyone. Further useful tips for players depending on their past experience in Hearthstone. But first a little bit about bonuses.

Bonus for Descent of Dragons cards

To access all the Battlefield bonuses, you need to get 30 Descent of Dragons Boosters in any way: pre-order, buy boosters for gold or real money, and get them as a reward for events and quests.

For 10 boosters you will get access to additional statistics at the end of each batch

For 20 boosters you can choose from three heroes at the beginning of the game instead of two

For 30 boosters you will get additional emotions for the battlefields

These free bonuses can be opened by any player, even if it is the first time they have entered Hearthstone. You will also find out how to do this next. The most important bonus is 20 boosters.

Dragonstorm Boosters can only be bought from December 10. Until then, bonuses have only been available to those who have pre-ordered them.

If you’re a regular player of HeartStone

You’ll understand how Battlefields work best. You know almost all the cards, played in PvE modes of the Year of the Dragon, so you will learn the basic rules for 1-2 played or watched games.

Key differences from the normal game mode:

The creatures attack themselves in the style of the General Hysteria, but in the given order from left to right
In this mode there is no deck, you choose and buff creatures on the table in the Tavern of Bob
Creatures have no mana cost. Instead, they are broken down into levels 1 to 6
Getting all three bonuses for buying boosters is easy, even if you haven’t pre-ordered and haven’t accumulated gold. In December, there will be many events and quests in the game, which are rewarded with Descent of Dragons Boosters. You can also start saving gold for the next add-on

I used to play in the past.

Understanding the basic rules of the Battlefields will be easy. The only inconvenient thing is that you won’t be familiar with many maps in the mode. But that’s not a problem: the game mode is a lot of time to study the text of each creature. Most map mechanics should be familiar from past experience: battle clicks, rattles, provocations, and races of creatures. Of all the new things I’ve seen lately, it’s just magnetism. The creatures with magnetism can be set up by themselves, or they can be used as a buff of other mechanisms, if you put them to the left of the mechanism.

Key differences from the normal game mode:

There are two phases in the game
In the first place, you collect and improve the creatures on the table
In the second, they automatically fight against the creatures of the opponent
Creatures have no mana cost. Instead, they are broken down into levels 1 to 6
Think about how to get 20 boosters with the latest addon of Descent of Dragons. If you only want to play in the Battlefields, you’ll still accumulate gold to buy boosters, even if not immediately.

If you want to get bonuses faster, play at the Arena (first entry is free), perform quests for gold. It is not necessary to spend real money if you do not plan to play in other game modes. Although it is worth trying to play.

I’ve never played before.

If you’ve never played Hearthstone, it’s okay. The game is easy to learn and intuitive to understand, especially the Battlefields.

How to install Hearthstone and start playing Battlefields
Download Battle.net from the official website
Go to Battle.net, find Hearthstone and download it to your device
Run Hearthstone
Find the Modes tab and select Battlefields.
Training in the basic elements of gameplay
Get to know the main elements of the gameplay: your hero, the hero of the enemy, creatures, your heroic power.

Each creature has an attack, health, level, race, and special text. Pay attention to the keywords in the text: provocation, battle cry, rattle, divine shield and others. When you hover over the map, the client will tell you what they mean and how they work.

Become familiar with each creature that appears on the table during the creature selection phase. The timer is long, so you can read all the special properties and appreciate the strength of the maps.

You can play Battlefields for free without participating in other game modes. Even in this case, you will be able to accumulate gold, which you need to spend on sets of add-on cards to the Dragon Stress (available from December 10). Buy them in the shop inside the client for gold to open all the bonuses that are written above.

If you want to accumulate gold faster, play in the Arena mode (the first entry is free, you don’t need a collection of cards) and perform daily tasks in the rating mode. You don’t need to have real money to play Hearthstone in any mode: the base decks are good enough for the gold pharma.

Soon on our website you will find a guide to how to quickly and effectively stuff gold for beginners to open all the bonuses of the Battlefields.

Game rules

By starting the Battlefields game, you can choose between two or three characters. Only 24 characters in total: several of them will be randomly selected and offered to you. Each character differs only in his or her own strength, which he or she can use in between battles

The game process is divided into 2 phases: recruitment of creatures and battle.

Phase 1: Recruitment of creatures

  • Recruit creatures to your half of the table. To recruit or buy one creature, you need to spend 3 gold – the price is the same for any creature in the game.
  • Bob offers three actions to choose from: improve the level of offered creatures, change the offered creatures and freeze the creatures (they will be saved for the next round of recruitment).
  • Spend all the gold in each move. It is not saved for the next round.
  • When you recruit a creature, you get it in your hand, and then you can put it on your half of the table for free. So the creature will take part in the battle.

Phase 2. Fight

  • The battle is automatic: you can’t do anything in this phase.
  • The creatures are attacking in order from left to right. First, it attacks the left creature of one player, then it’s opponent
  • An attacking creature can target any other enemy creature
  • If a player has a provocation, the creature must attack one of them
  • The winner is the player who has the creatures alive on the table
  • The winning hero receives units of attack – their number depends on the number of remaining creatures and their characteristics. The winning hero attacks the losing hero. If the latter loses all health, he is removed from the game.
  • If your hero has not lost all his health after the battle phase, you start the recruitment phase again.
  • All the dead creatures are back on your half of the table with full health. All damaged creatures fully recover their health.

Permanent and temporary buffs

An important element of the gameplay is the buffs that your creatures get. They are different: there are temporary and permanent buff

Temporary buffs are the buffs that creatures get during combat. For example, if the Birth of N’Zota dies, it will give all creatures +1/+1 buff only for the duration of the battle. Once the battle is over, this buff will disappear.

  • They will disappear after the battle and all the creatures that appeared on the table only during the battle. For example, the Harvest Goal after death leaves a 2/1 creature. If it survives the battle, you will not see it in the recruitment phase.
  • Permanent buffs are those buffs that creatures get during the recruitment phase. For example, if you play Weisch’ire visionary, all murlocks on the table will get +2 to health. This buff will stay with the murlocks forever until you sell them.

You can use creatures that buff other creatures only during the recruitment phase, and after they give their buff, sell them.

Another way to buff your creature is to make a triplet, i.e. to recruit three copies of the same creature. In this case, all of them will be combined into one with additional characteristics.
Example: If you combine three Irritators, you get one golden Irritator with 2/4 characteristics.
The combined copy saves all the constant buff that was on the creatures before
By creating a triplet, you will get an additional map in your hand, which will give you a powerful creature


Inline to the left you will find a lot of information about the Battlefield and your opponents.

It shows the health of the heroes, your next opponent, and also temporarily displays special events for each hero when he creates a triplet or improves the level of creatures.

Before the start of the game, you will see your current rating: the place among all the players of the Battlefields. After each game, it will either rise or fall depending on the results.

Video of gameplay:

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