During the opening ceremony of BlizzCon 2019, the next major addition to the Hearthstone card strategy was announced. “Dragon Stress will complete the storyline of two previous dragon additions. And its release will take place on December 10, 2019.
The battle between the League of ZLA and the League of Researchers will continue in the sky above the Dragon Post. The League of ZLA is going to resurrect fallen Galakronda, the ancestor of all dragons, and with the help of his power to strike a decisive blow. The legendary map of Galakronda will appear in the decks of a warrior, a black-booked man, a shaman, a robber and a priest.

A new “Battlefields” mode appears in Hearthstone, mapped out from the AutoChess model. Eight players will have to assemble an army and send it into battle. Improve your fighters between fights, and the fight goes on until only one player survives.
As early as November 5, the players who have pre-ordered the add-ons and BlizzCon virtual ticket holders will be able to go to the “Battlefields”. A week later, on November 12th, the open beta-testing period will begin.

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