The second mission in Hitman 3 is brilliant. The game is set in a stately house in Dartmoor. Your main task is to kill Alexa Carlyle, who is there with her family to prepare for her funeral (yes, the game will explain). On top of everything else – you will have to find a file that is hidden in a safe. But how to open it? We’ll tell you!

Hitman 3 guide and walkthrough – how to open Alexa’s safe, what code.

First of all, it does not matter whether you first kill Alexa Carlisle or not. She may be dead or alive when you try to get the file.

How to Find Alexa Carlyle’s Safe

The first thing you need to do is find out where the file is. There are many hints to be found at Dartmoor Manor, whether it be conversations or things like papers in trash cans, but you must look for the safe in Mrs. Carlisle’s office, on the top floor of the mansion.

On the big chair by the desk you will see a button on the armrest. Press it to pull the painting off the side wall and open the safe.

Once you look at the safe, you will see that it requires four numbers, and there are four icons above the pad. Each one represents one of the numbers needed to open it.

What you have to do is find four things in Carlisle’s office and find the number next to them.

The first is the clock, which is to the right of the entrance to the office (if you’re looking at it from the inside) and next to where you would take out the guard in the room. On the desk is the number 1.

Then go up the stairs inside and you will find the telescope by the window. On the wall behind it is the number 9.

Next, the fireplace in the main area of the room is where you need to head. On the wall behind the fireplace itself is the number 7.

Finally, you will have to find a large deer head on the wall above the door to the room. This number is harder to see, so you’ll need to move around a bit.

Go up the stairs to where the telescope is and use the camera to zoom in on the wall above the deer. You will see that the number 5 is there, but you won’t see it without the camera.

code: 1975 .

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