The following documentation details how to host a public or private game server for Holdfast: Nations At War.
Please note that all text is translation from the official Holdfast website. The server can only be created with a Steam account with the purchased game and at least Windows 7 on board.

The process of creating a server is not an easy one, and is suitable for those players who have already had such experience.

Download the game and copy the files to another folder. It is not recommended to use the location of SteamApps as a base for the game server, as it can lead to damage to the file if the game update overwrites the files while the server is running. That is, for example, for simplicity, you can place files in the path

The Steam Console Client or SteamCMD is a command-line version of the Steam client. Its main purpose is to install and update various dedicated servers available in Steam using the command line interface. It works with games that use the SteamPipe content system. For instructions on how to download SteamCMD, click here

Then open SteamCMD and enter the command to download the desired packages:

$ steamcmd +login [LOGINNAME] [PASSWORD] +force_install_dir “C:\holdfastserver” +app_update 589290 +quit

Getting server files:
Click here to open the Dropbox and download the server files. Place them in the folder with a copy of the game that you decided to make a server, for example C:\holdfastserver.

Basic server setup and startup:

Server files are delivered with a set of examples of server configurations which show how to adjust various cards and game modes. Refer to the server configuration page to learn more about changing the server configuration.

Be sure to copy and save the following files elsewhere:
These are server configs.
Let you keep the duplicates, just in case. Open a new configuration file using Notepad or Notepad++, it’s time to enter the server ports:

Server & Steam Ports (All three ports must be unique).

server_port 20100
steam_communications_port 8700
steam_query_port 27000

Make sure you open the appropriate firewall ports for both TCP and UDP! With proper configuration, the Holdfast game servers respond to A2S requests for steam_query_port.

Basic trivial variables:
server_name New Server – Army Battlefield
server_welcome_message Welcome to my new game server!
server_region europe
server_admin_password ChangeThisPassword

server_password ChangeThisPassword

Network settings: LowLatency (if many players are expected)

HighAccuracy (if few players are expected)

network_broadcast_mode LowLatency

Edit the file

start_server1_newserver_headless.bat by entering the following data: start “New Server” /affinity 3 “vapuriloadtester.exe” -s –serverConfigFilePath “serverconfig_server1_newserver. txt” –outputLog “logs_output\outputlog_server1_newserver.txt” –adminCommandLogFilePath “logs_adminactions\adminactions_server1_newserver.txt” –logArchivesDirectory “logs_archive” –framerate 120 –serverheadless

Finally, that’s it! Now you can run the game server through the file start_server1_newserver_headless.bat.

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