Homo Evolution allows the player to go through various stages of evolution. In this article you will find many tips to help you avoid wasting time and money to move to a new era. Get ready to speed up gaming action, you will have to watch a lot of advertising.

The era of the birth of life
It’s simple enough. Open the eggs, connect them by species. You can collect some coins, knock on the creatures. Get the improvements that are available at this stage of the game. But you don’t want to spend the crystals yet.

The Age of the First People
Upgrade your eggs so you can save your time. Clever creatures hatch from the improved eggs. Don’t waste the crystals yet, you’ll need them later. Combine the creatures, and you’ll reach the Savage. After that, a slot machine will be available. It will do you good. This is where you can use your crystals. Also don’t forget to watch the ads. Get advanced creatures with the coins you collect.

In this era, you no longer have to open your eggs. Keep uniting the creatures, and you get one crystal for it. But it’s not a fast process.

Don’t forget the slot machine. You’ll also be able to perform various missions. Mission time can also be reduced by watching ads. The price of the creature will increase. In the acquisition of expensive creatures, you can also help to view ads. If you buy the Creatures Booster at a discount, you will have the opportunity to shorten the time of passing epochs.

Television. Internet. Science. Sports. Fashion
You’ll need gold coins to buy a second planet. Your goal is to discover an era with a higher being to complete evolution. Once you achieve this, you will be able to receive many coins for completing one mission.

Here you will have to watch a lot of commercials in order to acquire the highest beings.

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