At a recent online conference Sony, which showed the company’s new console – PlayStation 5 and upcoming games for her, announced Horizon: Forbidden West, a sequel to the game from Guerrilla Games. In this article we collected all the information about the game.

So, in Horizon: Forbidden West we still have to play for Ela. As far as we know, the story will start after the first part. Earth, near future, people continue to live in tribes, and robots are becoming more aggressive and dangerous.

Eloy is going west to America to cross the border. In the trailer, you can see the famous Golden Gate and the San Francisco-based Ferry Building. What’s more, according to the Guerrilla Games in Forbidden West, we’ll also have to walk around California.

Even though the trailer was completely cinematic, we assume that the gameplay, compared to the first part, has not changed much. It’s still the same RPG in the open world, where special attention is paid to the unique battle with robots, using traps and stealth elements.

It is likely that Guerrilla Games has improved Eloy’s pumping system and added new features and skills to the character. For example, in the trailer, we see Eloy diving into the water and wearing a special mask. It’s possible that that will be given special attention by the developers.

Apparently, the bow is still Eloy’s main weapon. However, we’re sure that the developers will redesign the shooting mechanics given the capabilities of the new controller for PlayStation 5, DualSense. Even though the second Eloy’s favorite weapon, the spear, was not shown to us in the trailer, we are sure that it will return to the game, too.

Eloy’s Vizor stayed with her, of course. A special device that allows her to track enemies is the main feature of the game.

Moreover, the Internet has information about the cooperative mode of the game. However, it is unknown whether it will be possible to pass the story with your friend completely or it will be a separate game mode.

The game’s story, apparently, will also tell us about what Eloy is trying to find out what triggered the fall of human civilization.

As for the release date, we can assume that Horizon: Forbidden West will be released in 2021.

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