When we get to the first half-open area of Final Fantasy VII Remake, we come across a secondary task called “Just arrived from the cemetery”. This relatively simple quest requires us to return to an abandoned factory that we visited on a previous side mission. Our mission is to destroy a lonely flying Drake, but the point is that we need a key card to open a locked door leading to the location of the mission. So, how and where to find the key card in the side mission of the third chapter in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How and where to find the key card in the side mission of the third chapter?

Investor Gwen knows the key card is hidden in one of Shinra’s fragile boxes found in an abandoned factory. Unfortunately, the boxes in the area are quite easy to miss, so if we’ve played normally up until now, it’s likely that we’ve spent the last half an hour searching every nook and cranny for the damn card.

To find the key card, you need to go back to the area where you took the “Mother of Fire” during the first run through that area, completing the “Factory Interference” task. If we didn’t do it, we should go to the place, which is marked on the map screenshot below:

As soon as we get there, we’ll find a metal door with a terminal nearby. You can interact with it to open the way forward. Before we take the “Mother of Fire” in front, we look to the left at the heap of boxes at the metal fence. Yes, a pile of rusty boxes marked Shinra, which is where the damn key card is. Break them with your sword, and we’ll have exactly what it takes to finally accomplish this side mission of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

With a key card at our disposal, we go back to the door that needs to be opened on the other side of the card, and fight small drakes. This version of the enemy differs from weaker drakes in that it has ice attacks, which can slow down our attacks and movement, so you need to watch their attacks carefully. Wind magic is effective for quickly and efficiently destroying them. After we kill him, we go back to Gwen to complete a side mission!

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