One of the main components of Cyberpunk 2077 is character pumping. In this guide we have collected tips on how to get the maximum level.

Unlike other games, Cyberpunk 2077 has many different systems to raise the level. There is your general level, street level, and then there are attributes and perks with their own level systems.

Although you do not have to focus on getting the levels for most things (you will get these levels just by playing), it is useful to know the benefits of each of them and how you got them.

Level and V Awards
Level V is displayed in the upper left corner of an ordinary overlay, and above its health you will see a progress indicator. You can also see the main level and the progress indicator in the menu. It is also in the upper left corner. Almost everything you do will get the V-level.

Your general level opens an attribute point for every level you reach (more on this below), and higher levels allow you to use more powerful weapons.

Points and attribute levels
As you saw when creating V, attribute glasses can be directed at the body, reflexes, technical abilities, intelligence and coolness. We recommend starting early with technical abilities and intelligence, as this allows you to master computers early or open doors. The body also allows you to open doors with brute force from time to time.

Attribute points, again, are earned when you open a level, and can also be obtained by performing a basic task. Regardless of which two you choose to focus on, you must choose two as your “main” attributes (one must be either Body or Technical ability), and the other three when you score skill points, you will be amazed.

Skill levels and leveling points
The skill system in the game is where you can really make your character strong. These can be passive bonuses to your overall attack or DPS, or even new abilities such as knife throwing, higher movement speed and more.

After you dive into the Perks category, you will be able to see what you have used the most, at the bottom left of the screen or on the home page when you hover over each of them. If you use hacking a lot, you can improve it a bit with a few benefits in the violation protocol or, for example, quick hacking. Or maybe you decide to specify one of the other categories that you need to work a little more on.

For each style of play, there are some really powerful perks. Once you have decided that you want to play in a certain way, you will need to reach the 20th rank within this attribute path to unlock the perks at the far end of the development tree. Read each of them carefully, as you plan your level, as some require you to have a high level in the subtree of feathers, but for the attribute. As long as we’re here, you’ll have to choose your own stuff carefully, since some of them sell for a good price. However, if you plan to create something yourself, it shouldn’t be a problem.

So, in order to raise the level of each of them, the good news is that you will always get experience points for any action you take in the game. And I mean anything. Do you want to raise your level? Do you run a lot? Do you want to get a secret execution? It’s an easy experience with 250 street credits for you. So you will have a good start immediately if you continue to play the way you like best.

Street leveling
Street leveling is another area of leveling that is worth paying attention to. Some of the quickest lessons we’ve learned have come simply from storms that have already begun or from missions with organized crime. Try sneaking a few covert murders along the way if you want to raise the level quickly.

For your overall level, this is likely to be slow as the gains are low, but your skill points are like gold. Choose how you spend them wisely.

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