Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has an interesting Family Feud quest.
Classic plot: Two families are fighting over an accidental murder.

The affected family was offered Bloody Ransom, but Lamenon Spotia refused to accept them.
We are required to find suitable conditions on which families can come to peace.

The main participants:
Temestios Saldannis.
Kumnon Saldannis
Lamenon Spotia

A successful passage: to prevent any bloodshed. We need to bring both sides to an agreement. There are several options for achieving the best possible result.

Press the Alt key to find all contestants in the quest.

As soon as Temestios Saldannis asks for help, go to Nortos. Nortos will be scared of you showing up. To reassure him, Temestios has fully briefed you. Nortos will ask you to protect him. Agree to give him protection and persuade him to go with you to Lamenon Spotia to resolve this peacefully.

Lamenon will demonstrate how disgusted he is by Nortos’ presence. Please note: at this stage, the dialogue options must be chosen with care. Any option will affect the fate of Nortos!

The best dialogue strategy:
Choose answer number three, “And then the same custom…”
Choose answer number one, “He says it was an accident.”

So you can convince Lamenon to keep this guy alive.

If you choose the wrong answer, people around you will start attacking your character and Nortos. During the battle, do not try to talk to Lamenon! This leads to a bug that will not complete the quest.

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