hen it comes to FromSoftware games, we know that every new thing they do will be very difficult. That’s why, when Elden Ring was announced, Dark Souls fans saw a new spark in it. The studio’s recent insider report says how difficult Elden Ring is.
Is it harder to play than Dark Souls and Bloodborne?

How hard is Elden Ring? Is it harder than Dark Souls and Bloodborne?

Info was received from FromSoftware, Omnipotent on Resetera. The user claims that the Elden Ring team has stayed true to itself with regard to the complexity of Elden Ring.

We came to this information after discussing how some bosses in previous Dark Souls were extremely complex. In particular, he refers to the angels from The Ringed City add-on for Dark Souls 3, when the studio surfed them to be able to continue passing. After that, it became clear that FromSoftware is not a studio that always makes incredibly difficult fights and just throws them out on gamers. They are ready to adjust some aspects for the common good. On the other hand, there was never any indulgence with Bloodborne, although there are also bosses with several stages of attacks, which at the end of the battle can ignite serious discussions… …and they do.

What we still don’t know is whether the potential changes in Elden Ring’s complexity will make it easier or harder. The insider has made it clear that his statement is more opinion than the statement from within the team. In any case, news from insiders sometimes give an indication of the general mood and ethics of the developers.

At the moment, Elden Ring doesn’t have an exact release date, although most expect the project to appear this year and the platforms will be PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, as well as there is no clear information whether the game will be launched on next generation consoles.

That’s our news on how difficult Elden Ring is – whether it’s harder to play than Dark Souls and Bloodborne has come to an end.

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