How many chapters does Final Fantasy VII Remake have? We are sure that not one gamer has this question. The original Final Fantasy 7 had no chapters, but the story in the Square Enix remake for PlaStation 4 was divided into several parts, even though it covers only part of Midgar’s story. So how many chapters in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

How many chapters are there in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

The Final Fantasy VII Remake contains 18 chapters, differing in duration. Some of them, like the first reactor attack mission at the very beginning of the game, last about an hour. Others can be much, much longer – especially the chapters that include side quests like finding all the chocobos or all the secret stashes of Don Corneo.

Some chapters give you the freedom to breathe freely and explore, while others with many cat-scenes of battles with the boss, and generally focus on the story.

In addition, after the completion of Final Fantasy VII Remake, the game allows you to choose any chapter to rerun. And the high difficulty mode makes them longer, providing tougher battles.

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