How many levels, bosses and hours will it take to get through Darksiders Genesis

On this page of our Darksiders Genesis guide we’ll tell you about the duration of the game, the number of levels and bosses you’ll encounter on the way.
How long will it take to complete Darksiders Genesis
It will take you about 12 hours to complete the Darksiders Genesis. This time depends on the level of difficulty and game mode (single / online). If you like to explore all the nooks and crannies, you will spend much more time on this.

How many levels in Darksiders Genesis?

Darksiders Genesis has 16 levels. 5 of them are focused only on battles with bosses.


The Slag Pit

Inferno Vault

Icebind Cavern

The Hoard



The Holdback

10 Eden Prime

Bastion’s Fall

The Maelstrom


The Dredge Works

War Machine


After completing the level, you can return to it to reveal more secrets, gather resources and fight your enemies to earn experience points.

How many bosses are there in Darksiders Genesis?

In Darksiders Genesis there will be 5 battles with the main bosses. But the information is being checked. Remember that you will also face a lot of complex opponents. Stay alert and prepare for the worst.

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