A lot has been written and spoken about the benefits of playing multiplayer games, from gamers to academics and reporters. Among the advantages that they can bring is establishing a network of contacts not just in your own country, but across the world. It can also help to build teamwork skills and promote problem-solving ability as well as encourage lateral thinking. But above all, they turn what many people might consider to be a solitary activity into a more social one due to the reliance on other players and vice versa.

This can contribute towards making the overall experience of playing multi-player into a far more satisfying activity than a solo game, at least when you’re in the mood to be sociable, as there is the satisfaction of reaching a shared goal. Therefore, this is a popular method of play amongst gamers, from consoles to online iteration. But it’s not just video gaming that gives you the opportunity to play along with others online, which seems to be little-known in the gaming world. So, we’re here to share that, as anyone who visits an online casino will tell you, these are sites where you can also indulge in multiplayer action of a very different kind.

As most of us know, a look through a UK online casino shows a wide selection of games that range from video slots to table games like roulette and blackjack. However, what non-gamblers may not be aware of is that many also offer opportunities to play in a “live” casino format. These games are managed and run by a live dealer with the action being streamed as it happens to your PC, smartphone or tablet. But, unlike the non-live versions of the game where it’s you against a random number generator, you can be playing alongside countless other online casino fans at the same time.

This alone makes it into a multiplayer experience, but there’s also an online chat facility that can make it that bit more immersive and interactive. This means you can communicate as you play with not just the dealer but the other players who are gathered around the virtual table. Some players have advised that it may take a little getting used to at first as you concentrate on the game. But, pretty soon, you’ll find yourself being able to chat as you play, something that adds another element to the multiplayer experience.

As long ago as 2018 when it was announced that even Call of Duty was going multiplayer only, the writing’s been on the wall that this is where the future of gaming lies. And now’s the time to discover it in online casinos too, which has opened up a whole new genre that players have responded positively to. What’s more, with innovations in 3D and even 4D technology reportedly in the pipeline, things can only get more engaging.

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