Final Fantasy 7 Remake has two combat modes: normal and classic. When you play with the first mode, the characters will attack their enemies themselves, and you will only have to watch the battle. If you decide to play with the second mode, you will need to command the battle yourself and tell the characters whom to attack. In this guide you will learn how to switch between modes.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – how to activate the classic game mode, how to change the modes and how to use it.

Activating the classic game mode is really easy.

You can press X, L2 or R2 at any point in the battle and then the game mode will switch. So, if you activate Classic Mode, the time around you will slow down and the game will be like a turn-based strategy. While Classic Mode is activated, you can order any character in your group to perform a certain action.

For example, a character can attack or block the attack of a certain enemy, use his ability and even protect another member of his group.

You can activate Classic Mode in any battle. Or, conversely, switch to Classic Mode if you are having trouble with a particular battle.

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