Valorant is the new first-person shooter from Riot Games. And in this guide we will answer the popular question: how to add friends in Valorant? Fortunately, the process is simple.

How do you add friends to Valorant

To add friends to Valorant, you need to find the “Add friends” button at the bottom of the list of friends in the game. Enter their name and ID number there. You do not need to include a number sign (or “hashtag”) when adding friends.

If you are lucky, your buddy will soon receive a request to add friends. Assuming he will be accepted, you can see them in your list and send them invitations to matches.

That’s how it should work. However, some users report that the friend list does not work or that they cannot add anyone to their list. This is just a temporary problem.

Why can’t I add friends to Valorant?

Since Valorant is still in beta testing, the friends function seems to have some problems. In particular, some players think they can’t add friends to the Valorant. More often than not, requests to add friends are simply not delivered.

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