The ability to aim like in any other shooter will definitely increase your chances of winning the Valorant. In this guide you will learn how to improve your aiming skills and learn to shoot Valorant correctly.
How to aim correctly when shooting at the Valorant.
Despite the fact that Valorant is a first-person shooter, simply clicking on the left mouse button will not be enough to win. Most of your time will be spent on targeting. It sounds simple and obvious, but believe me, it will actually be difficult for you.

Below you can find some basic tips that will help you improve your aiming skills when shooting.

Dig into your mouse settings

Yeah, it’s really gonna give you a shot at your skull. It doesn’t matter if you have a professional or office mouse, because you can find the sensitivity you need on any mouse. Of course, if you haven’t updated your mouse in a few years, it makes sense to spend money on it, because maybe it’s just not doing its job properly.

Also we advise you to think about buying a gaming mouse pad – it can extend the life of your device and make it easier for you to use. After all, it would be foolish if you buy a new mouse and use it on an uneven or rough surface.

Adjust the scope

The default rifle scope in Valorant may appeal to you, but it’s unlikely that you should stop playing with it. The game has a lot of customization settings of the sight: color, size, transparency and thickness. You can try them out at the training centers and see if it fits your style of play.

You can find out how to customize the scope in our article.

Train at .

Finally, perhaps the most important component in improving your shooting skills is practice. Spend on average 10-15 minutes before starting your game session in the training area to sharpen your aiming skills. It really works – if you practice with bots before starting a real game, your brain will better perceive real enemies and your muscle memory will do its own thing.

Please note that correct aiming doesn’t guarantee you an exact victory.

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