In this guide to passing Mafia: Definitive Edition, you will learn how to avoid detection by the police.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is a large-scale remake of the first game in the series, which appeared after the release of the second and third games under the auspices of Definitive Edition a few months ago. The game has not only become better looking, but also has been improved in many ways. One of the pillars in the game is the police, who will prosecute you for breaking the law. However, this version allows you to configure the level of harassment by the police.

How to avoid detection by the police

In this tutorial we will look at two main problems, one of which will consider the settings and the other – how to avoid police in the game itself.

Mafia: Definitive Edition has a new setting when it comes to the police, which allows you to set how strict and reactive they will be in the game.

The police settings are in the pause menu when you press RB/R1 to go to the settings and go to “Police presence”. The default setting here is Normal, which means that the police will react to crimes involving harm to people. You can then change it to Simulation, which will not only force the police to come after you for this, but also for such trifles as traffic violations, such as speeding, turning on red lights and traffic collisions.

The simulation is actually more like what was found in the original game, but it quickly becomes obsolete when you just try to enjoy driving around town in such a sandbox game. In fact you can also make this choice when you first launch the game, but we decided to tell you as soon as you enter the game,

In addition to the settings with the presence of the police in the game, you can also immediately avoid detection by the police. Above all, you should not do anything too problematic that will attract their attention, especially if you are in simulation mode. This means banning red lights, speeding and the like, and this is where the speed limiter really comes into play. Even if you have the normal mode, you should be careful when driving there, because you need to avoid hitting pedestrians and those who might come out in front of you.

How to get away from the police in Mafia: Definitive Edition

One more important tip – watch your map while driving. The cops will be displayed on it in the form of small blue icons, which stand out, showing that they are nearby. If they can look for you, but have not yet found you, try to turn outside so as not to pass by them if you see that they will be in front of you on the map. If you do this constantly, you will be able to avoid them for the most part and stay out of sight.

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