How to Beat Frost Gleeok in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Frost Gleeok is a formidable boss that can be found in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It resides in the frozen tundra, and you must defeat it to progress through the game. If you’re struggling to beat Frost Gleeok, here are some tips and tricks to help you overcome this challenging opponent.

Tip #1: Equip The Right Items

Before heading into battle with Frost Gleeok, make sure you have equipped yourself with the right items. You’ll need a strong sword and shield, as well as arrows to attack from afar. But most importantly, equip yourself with fire arrows or bombs – these will be key weapons against Frost Gleeok’s icy exterior.

Tip #2: Study Its Attack Patterns

The first step to successfully defeating any enemy in Zelda is to study its attack patterns carefully. This rule applies equally for Frost Gleeok. Observe how it moves and attacks so you can plan your defense accordingly.

Tip #3: Be Careful Of Its Ice Breath

One of Frost Gleeok’s main attacks is its ice breath that can freeze Link’s movement temporarily; dodge this attack if possible using evasive maneuvers such as rolling or backflipping away from its trajectory or by blocking it efficiently with your shield.

Tip #4: Aim For The Head When Possible

While attacking Frost Gleeok during its wandering phase may do significant damage; attacking his heads – both front-facing one AND side facing ones – when they become vulnerable will deal more damage than hitting other parts of his body.

Tip#5 : Show Caution During ‘Puzzle’ Phase

After taking a certain amount of damage, instead of going down outright like most bosses would do; it’ll trigger traps on the arena floor akin to puzzles where timing is key. Player walks on giant tiles that rotate periodically and stop at random intervals while avoiding being burnt by projectiles that spawn from all directions at once including the deranged Gleeok heads. This is the time where fire arrows and bombs will be most useful as you can use them at their best potential to take out enemies in groups without playing too safe which will waste precious time.

Tip#6: Stay Persistent

Finally, remember that defeating Frost Gleeok may take a couple of tries. Persistence, patience, and a willingness to try new tactics are all essential elements of success in this fight. Furthermore, it’s very common for beginners to get carried away upon taking down one head only to end up being hit by another – so stay alert at all times!

With these tips and your determination, you can conquer Frost Gleeok in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and move one step closer toward finishing the game achievement!

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