Bosses in Minecraft Dungeons, this is one of the main problems you will face while playing the game, each with its own special attacks and abilities. You must have a strategy to defeat all bosses in Minecraft Dungeons.

The first boss in Minecraft Dungeons is a formidable euker, and if you are not careful, it can quickly end your adventures in the game. Here is all you need to know in order to win and survive his onslaught.

How to defeat the first boss in Minecraft Dungeons

Want to know how to beat the first boss in Minecraft Dungeons? The first boss you meet in Minecraft Dungeons won’t be one of several major game bosses like Arch-Illager, but rather a mini boss. These are bosses that you can fight against several times during the whole game, and they are often used to separate levels and add additional obstacles to the player’s path.

How to beat the first boss in Minecraft Dungeons. Guide

In the Pumpkin Grassland area (the third area you will be passing) you will need to beat two ewokers, a hostile Moba-like ewokker that can cause minions and use powerful magic. The first ewoker is a sample that will help you get used to the Mob attack patterns before you encounter a larger, stronger ewoker in the future. Use the first ewoker to feel the attack of this Mob.

The ewokers have the main attack in the form of ticks, which they summon from the ground. These ticks drag you into your teeth and crush you, causing crushing damage. As you can see in the images above, an attacker can use these pincer traps in two ways: either in a direct frontal attack aimed directly at you or in a circle surrounding the yawn. This attack must be avoided at all costs, as it can instantly turn the tide of the battle against you.

The first frontal attack is what the ewokers will hope for the most. They use it when you are within range, and sometimes spam it if they try to chase you. A second circular attack is used when the attacker feels threatened as if you are approaching him. Both attacks are very powerful and will knock out a significant part of your health. For this reason, it is better to stay away and use your bow instead.

How to beat the first boss in Minecraft Dungeons. Guide

The second attack of the intruders is to summon flying minions that will track you down and lock you up. These minions have a tiny amount of health and do not deal tons of damage, but they can quickly crush you and try to hold you back. In this way they help the ewoker to carry out a brutal tick attack. Minions shouldn’t be your top priority, as callers can keep calling them, but they don’t let them accumulate.

Once you understand how the ewoker is attacking, use the following strategies to defeat them:

Stay out of reach when possible. Fighting ewokers with hand-to-hand attacks is difficult, as they rely heavily on their damaging tick attacks when you’re around. An attack is much harder to predict and avoid when you’re right above them, so it’s better to keep your distance.

Use the dash button carefully. The Dash Button is a useful tool for any Dungeon Explorer, but when the eater launches several powerful attacks on you, it’s best to reserve your Dash Button when you need to jump out of those pincers quickly.

Don’t let the minions build up. Ewokers will use their minions to weaken your health and keep you in place, so use decisive melee attacks to quickly deal with the minions as they approach.

Use loaded bow shots in Evoker. Evokers can do a lot of damage, but their health is not astounding. Use Charged Bow Shot every time you see a hole to inflict damage to the evoker without endangering yourself.

Artifacts are always useful. Artifacts can give you an impulse at a turning point or cause great damage exactly when you need it. Remember that you have them, and use them freely.

Feel free to retreat. Ewokers can’t move very fast, so if you’re caught in one of their claw attacks, make sure you retreat to a safe distance to use the potion, and regain your position. One mistake can confuse you and make the fight more exhausting.

The first of many
As long as you follow this guide, the first boss in Minecraft Dungeons won’t have a chance. Their long-range combat capabilities are limited, except for the weaker minions, which are more unpleasant if you don’t put up a big pile. Their tick traps, which they can cause, are a real threat that makes your ability to throw yourself into a trap and bend your best friends. Stay mobile, stay away and make sure you have spare arrows. I’m sure you’ll make any evoker desperate.

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