How to beat the first Cragclow crab boss in Journey to the Savage? You got a question like that? Then have a seat, we will tell you what to do to make the victory easy and sweet.

To make the fight much easier, collect about 20 orange goo. At least out of 25 on the way to battle.

Once the battle begins, Cragclow will highlight his weaknesses. The small tentacles are connected to glowing spheres. These are the weak points. In battle, Craglo uses shock waves aimed at your specific location. Either jump or sit down to avoid attack.

In the second stage, Cragclow will start firing lava at the platforms. Simply avoid them by using a rope or jumping to the nearest platform. Keep killing vulnerabilities as they appear.

In the final phase, Cragclow will continue to use the same tactics, but with higher speed. Be careful and shoot at weak spots as they appear to kill the creature. Remember also to scan it.

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