If you want to become an official member of the kingdom government, you can do so by becoming a vassal. Study this guide to learn how to become a vassal in Mount and Blade2 Bannerlord.

How to become a vassal in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord.

To become a vassal in Bannerlord Mount & Blade II, you must first become a mercenary to the kingdom. It’s quite easy to do, you need to find a lord in the castle and ask him to join you as a mercenary. After that you will fight for this kingdom, but you won’t become a part of it.

As you fight more and more, you earn more glory, and people start to understand your role in the kingdom that you have joined. I joined a faction in the middle of a war, so a lot of battles were thrown at me. After a while of fighting and increasing your influence – you can go to a castle or castle town and talk to your lord again.

Tell them that you want to become not just a mercenary, but a vassal and you will be sent to the leader of the faction.

You will need to find the faction leader, which is difficult if the kingdom is at war, because they often move around. When you finally find a leader, ask him to become a vassal, and if you have done enough for the kingdom, they will gladly accept you.

This bond will give you much more than a mercenary contract. As a vassal, you now have the right to own land and use your influence to gather armies for the kingdom.

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