Since Marvel’s Avengers is primarily an adventure action game, nobody will blame you if you didn’t know that you can put a block here, combining it with attacks, evasions and special tricks. However, it can be difficult to understand how to use it, so we decided to help you with this tutorial on how to block blows in Marvel’s Avengers.

How to block blows in Marvel’s Avengers

Let’s say at once that you can’t block blows absolutely by all characters. This property is owned by Captain America with his shield, while any other hero must use evasion and position changes in battle to avoid damage from enemies.

Playing for Cap, all you have to do to block is press and hold “R2” on PlayStation 4 or “RT” on Xbox One. This activates his defensive ability, which will absorb any damage coming from the side that he blocks.

If you’ve been caught in heavy fire by a group of enemies attacking from afar, this is the best time to put a block. This will help you get closer to your enemies and eventually apply destructive combos and abilities to them. On the other hand, the block will be useful if you are faced with a nimble enemy who is constantly trying to get close to the hero, although in this case it is better to dodge and counterattack.

I hope all of the above has helped you to understand how to put Marvel’s Avengers block. At this point, our material on “How to block blows in Marvel’s Avengers” came to an end. See you in the game!

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