We tell you how to deal with green crystals, which appeared in the last DLC for Borderlands 3.

Another Borderlands 3 storyline addition called Bounty of Blood has added special green crystals to the game. In this tutorial you will learn how to break them. But first we will tell you how far you need to go in the story to get the ability to destroy obstacles that can block the way to the important objects. With crystals like these you will encounter almost at the very beginning of the passage. They are scattered all over the world, and at first sight it may seem that this is nothing more than a visual update, but in fact it is not.

How do you break green crystals
To get rid of crystals, especially those that block the way to important objects, you must follow the main plot of the add-on. Continue through the storyline quests until you reach the location of Eschfall Peak. Once there, make quests until you meet an NPC named Titus.

This character will be grabbed and locked behind a special wall, a wall of the same green crystals. After Titus explains his predicament, he will tell you how to destroy similar walls from a crystal base. In this way, you will learn how to eliminate all such obstacles.

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