Building a powerful army is the only way to confront other kingdoms in Bannerlord. Below we will tell you how to build an army of 400-500 soldiers.

To form an army, you must do one of two things. You either have to have your own kingdom, which we tell you about in a separate guide, or you have to become a vassal for an existing state.

In the case of your own kingdom, you’ll have to create another unit. The more units you have, the more groups you can consolidate with an army. Ideally, you should create as many as you can. When a second squad appears, turn to the bottom right corner of the world map. There you will see three tiny “flags” that you can click on. If you have a kingdom, you can hire any other squads. To join you, they must be over half of them. When they join, watch out for how this affects the cohesion scale. If it reaches zero, the army will break up.

If you become a vassal, you can invite other clans from the kingdom to join you. The main difference is that you have to pay points of influence for this. Even though you lead the army, the castles will be voted for. Don’t expect AI, who owns the kingdom, to do everything for you. We need to be actively involved in his life. But remember, you will not control the entire army on the battlefield. As in the previous paragraph, if the cohesion level drops to “0”, the army will collapse.

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