With several workshops at your disposal, you will provide yourself with a passive source of good profit. However, before you buy each enterprise, you should analyze the possibilities of settlement. In this guide we will tell you how to sell or get rid of an inefficient workshop.

Unfortunately, the players have not yet managed to study most of the mechanics associated with the workshops. One forge can bring in 200 denar per day, and another can spend 300, thus spending your capital and not giving away profits. It seems difficult to make sense of this, because ineffective workshops can actually be built in a region with high resource extraction. One way or another, if you have enterprises that are running out of resources, it is desirable to get rid of them.

The sales process is identical to buying a workshop. You will need to visit the workshop again. Talk to the employee and decide whether you want to sell the workshop or change production. Yes, you will have several downloadable screens and many hikes. Fortunately, there is an alternative, much faster way.

Press the L key to see the clan menu. At the top of the screen there are many new options. Go to the “Other” tab to see all the workshops you bought. It also shows you how much money each business brings in. Click on a particular workshop to learn more about how much money the business brings and how much it spends. There are two options at the bottom of the page that opens. Sell or change production.

Click on the first option to find out how much money you can actually sell your business for. Before the patch, the workshop cost was 15-20 thousand, but now I have a business that can be sold for 300 thousand.

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