You can find a lot of cars and motorcycles during the game, and below we talk about how to buy a new car in Cyberpunk 2077.

At the moment there is only one way to buy new cars.

How to Buy Cars in Cyberpunk 2077
When you first go to Knight City, V will immediately have your own car. After a few hours, as you progress through the story, you will unlock a free motorcycle. The ability to get new vehicles appears based on two factors – reputation and map exploration. Each time you get to a new location, explore a new area of Knight City, you will receive a text message or phone call from a new contact.

Keep building up your reputation (assignments, orders, investigations), and you will receive messages from other people selling cars. Later, an assignment will appear in your journal in the “Trips” section. Select the car you want to buy to activate the mission tracking, then follow the marker to the place of purchase.

There are no pictures of the cars in the journal, but if you go to your messages on your phone, you can find them. Each text message is accompanied by a picture of the car. But remember, these are not cheap products.

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