The VALORANT shooter went into closed beta testing, where streamers and selected viewers are invited, who are lucky enough to have “drops” on Twitch. And since the cherished key is now considered a scarce commodity, some people are trying to squeeze more money out of it.

Accounts with access to “beta” are resold on various Internet sites. For example, on eBay prices range from $50 to $300

Riot Games has already commented on the crazy demand for VALORANT. The company is not yet going to increase the number of keys to keep the game running. In addition, Riot assured that, together with Twitch, it sifts out bots on broadcasts and does everything possible to ensure that access to the CBT gets ordinary players, not “farmers” with hundreds of fake accounts.

According to Riot, those who have watched about two hours of strains on VALORANT can qualify for the key. Invitations are sent out randomly, but preference is given to users who have watched many hours – although there are no guarantees. The key can be sent even if you have already closed Twitch.

Finally, Riot stressed: it banishes those who sell or buy accounts with access to VALORANT, and thus frees up space on the servers of the closed beta test. You don’t have to spend crazy money on dubious accounts – you can easily lose them.

Open access to VALORANT should start during the summer of 2020. The game will be pro bono.

We’ve banned a pile of VALORANT closed beta account sellers and botters to free up more entitlements. Tracking more. Don’t buy accounts, you might lose them!

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